Sunday, January 04, 2009

Orangutans in watercolor and colored pencil

I can't believe I have not posted this yet. This was an illustration I did in Fall of 2007 as demo for my Materials and Techniques I class. The assignment was to pick and endangered species to be used for an existing Chocolate bar that features endangered animals and raises money to help support the species habitat and humanity. See more at I, of course,
choose the Sumatran Orangutan, located in Southeast Asia. This layering process of watercolor and colored pencils lends it self well to renderings of animal textures and landscapes. 15" x 9"



Comments welcome.


Sue said...

Beautiful illustration!
I've been painting for quite a while, but am a beginning illustrator - have you done human faces? How do you avoid pencil lines showing through on light water color washes over faces, for example?
Again, wonderful work!!

Jay said...

Thanks Sue for the compliment,

I have done some faces with this technique. What I like to do is before hand know where my highlights and shadows are and use a light colored pencil the color of the face instead of graphite to transfer my drawing down. I don't put any dark lines (if I can manage) in light areas. With colored pencil I can always blend the color with a solvent like turpenoid, goo gone, or Bestine Rubber Cement Remover and a number of other things to lessen the line. Also don't press down to hard or it will leave an indentation in the paper. I use 500 series, heavy weight Strathmore Illustration Board.