Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I spent so much time on this and posted it on Facebook and I thought I could post it here to to make it more worth while.

1. I was an orphan for about 1 month before I was adopted in Decatur, GA in July of 1970.
2. My Dad is a Baptist Minister and my Mom might as well be too.
3. When I was 4 years old I drew tons pictures of big headed people on the church bulletin while my Dad was giving his sermons.
4. My big brother Monty was always better at everything than I was without even trying. test taking, girls, popularity, sports, friends, partying and for while drawing and painting.
5. I worked for my Dad’s company as a paper shredder for 2 (seemed like 3) Summers while in High School.
6. My first "real job" at 15 was skeet ball and other games operator at Six Flags over Ga.
7. My mom wanted me to play the piano and I practiced for 2 years in Middle School and did not get far.
8. I was second chair Trombone in Middle School for 2 years.
9. I played Soccer from 8 - 18 years old.
10. I missed 2 days of classes from 1-12 grade. I was one day away from getting and ward for it. But they only gave awards to perfect attendance and missing one day.
11. I was 10th in my class in high school out of 15… no no no… out of about 200.
12. My art teacher at Pebblebrook High School died my senior year of AIDS and I won a partial art scholarship to a college of my choice.
13. My curly hair was down to my shoulders all one length in college. Loved it, but then loved it short too my senior year. Now I’m in the middle.
14. My first “real” freelance job was my 6 qtr at Portfolio Center for Flowers Bread Company. I did two realistic billboards for Nature’s Own Bread for $3000 dollars. Wonder if I could get that price these days?
15. I met my wife on the 99x radio station phone dateline. A computer basically hooked us up based on our interests and profile.
16. First date was at Café Tu Tu Tango in Buckhead. No longer there.
16. I proposed to Cindi live on the air (on 99x of course) at The Beer Garden in Buckhead, GA. No longer there.
17. My Dad officiated my wedding, my bother’s, and countless cousins of mine.
18. Cindi and I went to Greece for our honeymoon for 7 days. We crashed driving a moped and Cindi got a huge bruise and hurt her ankle on Mt Olympus but we endured and were not going to let it ruin our honeymoon and it didn’t. I love her very much!
18. Our first child was born 33 weeks premature and my wife came very close to dying with a bad case of HELPP Syndrome.
19. My son Jackson was a stressful but pleasant surprise being 15 months older than my daughter. I love them deeply!
20. I work 7 days a week at least 14 hours a day. But it does not seem like work.
21. I wish I could draw out of my head better.
22. I wish I could get affordable health insurance for my wife with no riders.
23. I’m wondering how I can manage getting an MFA, teach 3 illustration classes, keep up with my freelance for needed income, spend time with my family, and eat and sleep.
24. I truly wish I did not have to sleep. I would get so much more done with my life rather than wasting it on sleep.
25. I wish I had more face-to-face time to spend with my friends on Facebook and visitors to my blog.

Thanks for reading.


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