Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Disney World Vacation!!

Well after catching up on things and putting out most of the fires from being gone from home for over 14 days I have finally gotten together a collection of photos and videos of our trip. We all had an absolutely incredible, exhausting, intense and fun time. The pictures and videos only tell part of the story but you will get a glimpse. This image below only represents 54 of the 118 selected photos out of the 470 photo that we took. Once you click on the picture below and see the individual photos check the titles of each for somewhat of a description. They are in chronological mostly order. Please post comments here, on Flickr or YouTube for any of the photos.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More on the Orphan Works Bill

As simple as 1 2 3 4

1. Read about what it is with lots of links here:

2. Send an email to your congressman here:

3. Sign this NEW petition here:

4. Then spread the word by forwarding this blog post or copy and pasting this where ever.

Timing is of the essence do it now! do it again and again!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Student's work from Spring 08 Qtr

All my students worked really hard on their assignments and some finals actually turned out to be exceptionally good. Here is a link to a web gallery I created showcasing their wonderful work.

Also my Senior students in the Self Promotion class did great job on their promotional materials. Here are links to the most important promotional material - their website. Send them an email from their website they all would love to hear from you.

Maggie Blair Boyd -
Ashley Oliver -
Geoffrey Parmet -
Sarah Pettis -
Lauren Rolwing -
Jill Rycerz -
PJ Svejda -
Daniel Tirado -