Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Project triangle

When clients ask me about pricing. If I feel it's right to say with them based on what I know about them I say that I go by the classic business model of you can have GOOD, FAST or CHEAP and the client can only PICK TWO of those. I even say this on my process page of my main site.

I always knew of this concept but I recently discovered a that it has a name and other version of it. It called Project Triangle according to our helpful yet unreliable source of Wikipedia.

There are others project triangles listed here that I think are generally true.

  • College: Work, Sleep, Play – Pick two.
  • Men: Handsome, High-Earner, Faithful – Pick two.
  • Women: Single, Sane, Sexy, Smart – Pick any three. (also called The four S's of dating)
  • Operating System: Fast, Efficient, Stable - Choose two.
  • Bicycle Parts: Strong, Light, Cheap - Pick any two.
  • Opensource Software Development: Speed/Time, Inclusiveness/Openness, Quality
  • Schedule, Scope, Resources – Pick two.
  • Nation's populace: Ignorant, Free, Civil - Pick two.

So I guess I'm Faithful and Handsome... he-he! ...and my wife is Sane, Sexy, Smart!

What do you think? These are certainly not applicable in all situations but do you go by them even if you don't know what's called?

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