Saturday, August 23, 2008

Podcasts are cool!

When I'm working at my computer or just in my studio, instead of listening to the overly commercialized local FM and AM radio stations or nothing. I'll listen to my 3000+ mp3 music collection in iTunes usually on full random or I also listen/watch a lot of podcasts and vidcasts on itunes. I love these on demand shows about any subject imaginable. If you have any sort interest/hobby or want to continue your education on a daily basis I highly recommend getting iTunes which is free and podcasts which are for and usually commercial free. They have literally 1000's of podcast you can search and subscribe to and listen to at anytime on your time. I'm currently subcribed to 45 podcasts. I thought I would share some of those here. Most are illustration related mixed in with a The Daddy Cast and NPR Story of the Day. Download iTunes before going to these links. Click on the icon for a direct link to the iTunes podcast page within iTunes. Sorry I can't figure out how to reduced the space below this.

Friday, August 08, 2008

GA Aquarium Visit

I have never been before, but Cindi and the kids have. So I really felt left out. So for Fathers Day and my Birthday I was given the gift of admission to the GA Aquarium! We just now got to go this past week 08-05-08. Really expensive but worth it! Here is a link to 96 photos slideshow on Flickr.