Thursday, March 27, 2008

Path Tree for Dentists

New Illustration for the 97th Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting 2009. This is the 3rd year in a row I have had the pleasure of working with the Hinman Dental Society on creating the main image used on all their advertising, materials, signs, printed materials.

This upcoming years theme is about continuing education. So my idea was to show a tree representing growth and the branches turning into path ways leading to certain areas or dentistry.

Technique specs:
17” x 21” image with a 1.5” crisp white border all the way around. Total board size is 20” x 24”. It was painted in acrylic on a gessoed board of masonite. Nice a sturdy and archival quality. There is no white type on the paths in the original. That’s part was done in the computer. With the original you really get to see the textures of the surface unlike a digital file or print will ever do. Let me know what you think.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Best of my students work Winter 08

I just finished organizing and creating a new website gallery for the selected student work in my Winter 08 classes: Materials & Techniques I, Book Illustration, and Self Promotion. These images all have descriptions and mediums used. Congrats to another great quarter students!

Also, if you have not already, click over to the newly developed portfolio websites of four illustration major seniors. They all worked very hard on their websites and it's time to start promoting them. With any good site design there needs to be several people to test the site. There is always room for improvement on any site, so check out how it looks on your browser and if there is any problems with navigation or technical issues be sure to let them know.

Erik Mehlen -
Walter Hartley -
Andrew Phillips -
Colin Geller -


Copyright Infringement Update

Clear Channel took it down in under 10 hours as expected, but maybe now they will think VERY CAREFULLY before the just grab an image off a blog or website.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Copyright infringement of my work!

I just found out tonight that my work has been copied/stolen onto a site owned by Clear Channel. The funny thing is I found out from them. They emailed me asking permission to use the illustration. I did not get back to them right away so they went ahead and used it without permission anyway. Read the email that I just sent them here.



So sorry for taking so long getting back to you. I’m an illustrator that makes a living on selling reproduction rights to my work. I just noticed that you went ahead and stole my copyrighted illustration and words from this page:

and posted it on your commercial site on this page:

I did not give you permission to use that image. Furthermore, I noticed your copyright and trademark info page:

It states that a procedure for making claim of copyright infringement. If the image is not removed in 24 hours from the time this email was sent I will follow that procedure and seek a copyright infringement case against Clear Channel.

If you would have not posted this without permission I was going to ask you if Clear Channel had any budget to support artists who create these works that are related to the mission. I support green practices and it’s one of the reason that I painted this piece. Trying to get free content for your commercial site by stealing it or getting people to submit their work is not good business in my book. I would get permission and offer some sort of compensation for the content on this site before stealing it.

Jay Montgomery


I post here the result of this.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My student's work gets in Society of Illustrators

One of my students from a class I teach at SCAD Atlanta just got his work in the Society of Illustrators NY Student Competition.

Check it out here!

Way to go Erik Mehlen!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopaedics in Art

I entered my artwork from a past job into the AAOS eMotion Pictures.

Almost 1,200 entries were received from 17 countries and 45 states, representing a broad spectrum of orthopaedic conditions. The artists' words were strong and the artwork powerful.

A jury of art professionals had the difficult task of selecting the artwork for the exhibit. The jury included René de Guzman, director of visual arts at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; John R. Killacky, program officer for arts and culture of The San Francisco Foundation; and Paul Pratchenko, professor of art, painting and drawing, San Francisco State University. The show features 200 works of art from 152 artists.

I'm honored that one of my illustrations is on exhibit in San Francisco until March 2oth for. It's a gallery show of all sorts of orthopedic art for doctors, patients, artists and children. Read about my chronic back problems story here and see the other artists work. A book is available with all the artist's work including mine available here.

Autotrader called me a few months ago to do some Illustrator characters that would then be animated in flash for online training. I did one version with outlines and one without. Still waiting to see if they want me to do more.