Sunday, March 16, 2008

Copyright infringement of my work!

I just found out tonight that my work has been copied/stolen onto a site owned by Clear Channel. The funny thing is I found out from them. They emailed me asking permission to use the illustration. I did not get back to them right away so they went ahead and used it without permission anyway. Read the email that I just sent them here.



So sorry for taking so long getting back to you. I’m an illustrator that makes a living on selling reproduction rights to my work. I just noticed that you went ahead and stole my copyrighted illustration and words from this page:

and posted it on your commercial site on this page:

I did not give you permission to use that image. Furthermore, I noticed your copyright and trademark info page:

It states that a procedure for making claim of copyright infringement. If the image is not removed in 24 hours from the time this email was sent I will follow that procedure and seek a copyright infringement case against Clear Channel.

If you would have not posted this without permission I was going to ask you if Clear Channel had any budget to support artists who create these works that are related to the mission. I support green practices and it’s one of the reason that I painted this piece. Trying to get free content for your commercial site by stealing it or getting people to submit their work is not good business in my book. I would get permission and offer some sort of compensation for the content on this site before stealing it.

Jay Montgomery


I post here the result of this.

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