Friday, September 07, 2007

Porsche Is Recycling Now...

...due to the ever important Professor Greenleaf posters created by yours truly. Here is a quick process of what the Porsche saw.

They first gave a very specific description of the Green Squad. You don't have to read all this, but it explains the image below.
Here's what I'm thinking - perhaps we could come up with some sort of an illustrated green mascot who bears the Porsche crest (attached). Maybe the mascot is a friendly-looking green tree with a face and limbs with hands/ fingers -- one of them pointing toward the reader. Perhaps the crest can be on its trunk. One the tree idea -- actually make them a group of three trees -- the tallest in the middle. Make it recognizable that the middle and left one are guys and the one on the right is a woman -- maybe its the way her treetop/branches is styled. In addition to the Porsche crest on their trunks (like a badge on a shirt), put: Porsche Green Squad. Perhaps you even put a green shirt on them with those words -- I don't know. You could also make the one on the left wear glasses, if you like. Have them all pointing to the reader. For the green squad, let's put them on shirts that say Porsche Green Squad with the crest underneath it like a badge. And again, a woman on the right, tallest guy in the middle and another guy maybe with spiked hair/branches or hair/branches in twists, wearing black glasses on the left. This would give them each a personality. Be sure not to put like red lips or anything like that on the woman...not that you would. In both scenarios, mascots are pointing to the reader.

This was way to complicated and too much like Treebeard in my opinion. They scratched this idea and went with this other idea they had.

Professor Greenleaf
Another idea is to make the mascot a green leaf -- a bigger version of the one you have at the top of the poster. Give him a face, as well as legs/feet/arms/hands -- and of course one hand pointing toward the reader. His one concern is making sure the names mascot is stated within the logo so that additional text is not needed. So for the leaf -- perhaps you can give him a suit coat that has the Porsche crest eblem on his top right pocket and put a hat on him that says Professor Greenleaf...and maybe have him pointing with a stick that usually denotes a professor. For the green leaf, in addition to the crest, please have him wear glasses and put his name -- Professor Greenleaf somewhere.

First Sketch

Second sketch with revisions. Mechanical engineer outfit.

Final art created in Photoshop with revisions.
Slimmer leaf, lab coat, no logo on coat, and his right hand pointing.

Prof. Greenleaf telling it to the people of Porsche.

Makes you want to choose green doesn't it!
Thanks Professor Greenleaf!

Whole process from first call to final delivery was 7 days.

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