Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cult of Celebrity vs The REAL Heros

I got this email today I thought I would share it. It's exactly how I feel and act.

Mary Lightfine, international ER nurse and a "Friend of The Catman Project,"
is featured in the new edition of NeuFutur Magazine. Her passionate and
incisive comments concerning Nursing are a "must-read" for those who care
about what is really transpiring within one of the most important
professions in the world.

In keeping with his stated social/artistic mission, mysterious Catman Cohen
turned down yet another interview request, instead passing the baton to Mary
Lightfine, In doing so, Catman Cohen stated that the national media
is drowning in Cult of Celebrity mind junk, that places excessive importance
upon entertainment figures as opposed to the relatively anonymous and
essential occupations now in dire deficit.

Catman Cohen recently went on record to issue the following statement:

"Just how low has America sunk such that, during a week commemorating 9/11,
the most important tragedy to befall the nation, the Media is consumed with
airhead nonsense concerning a dance performance by Britney Spears. Is it
any wonder why our children are so lost and why their priorities are so
shallow? Blame the Media, blame the advertising industry, blame the
political puppets posing as leaders, and blame yourself if you choose
passive acceptance of this dismal status quo...but do NOT blame Britney
Spears for merely being a pawn in this entire insane game."

"In a society that faces all variety of impending infrastructural crises, we
have an Establishment dedicated to narcotizing the nation with a
mind-numbing drug called the Hollywood Cult of Celebrity. Strangely enough,
while society maintains restrictions upon the distribution of narcotics,
somehow the Cult of Celebrity drug is disseminated widely and immoderately,
despite its obvious negative side effects. If we must have idols, then we
need to find new more substantive examples quickly, the kind who will
inspire our youth to pursue goals that transcend a walk down the red

"We don't need more glitzy Hollywood award events, we need more sewage
treatment plants."

"We don't need more gargantuan shopping malls, we need more water pumping

"We don't need more super-dome sports stadiums, we need more hospitals."

"We don't need more mean-spirited celebrity gossip-mongers, we need more
humane rescue workers, environmentalists, and human rights activists."

"We live in hedonistic, materialistic, and decadent times where this
particular perspective upsets and offends those who profit from the current
cultural swamp. However, despite those who choose to ignore, silence, or
ridicule "music with a message," I will continue to use my art as a vehicle
for sounding the alarm in a society that has been drugged into a mindless
stupor.....and the most important message I wish to convey now is this..."


NeuFutur Magazine agreed to interview Mary Lightfine in place of Catman
Cohen and you can read the inspiring interview at the following link:
(Vicky Asher Entertainment)

For more information concerning international nurse Mary Lightfine, please
go to: (for lecture information) (for book information) (for more volunteer
information...and we can really use a one dollar donation from everyone to
get our safe birth program off the ground in Uganda).

Catman Cohen's Controversial New Music Video, PRAYER FOR AMERICA


The Nursing Shortage.....and Catman Cohen
(by Mary Ruff-King)

Mary Ruff-King, an author who has worked in the medical field for many
years, is keeping Americans informed about the nursing shortage crisis and
the challenges that may befall our health care system if these issues are
not addressed in the immediate future.


For further Info about The Catman Project.....


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