Friday, May 22, 2009

Illustration Friday - Cracked

Oil painting about 12 x 20 done way back in 1997! Cover article about the Death of Calvinism. A dying tulip in a cracked landscape. The flower represents Calvinism and the dried up land is the lack of interest and nourishment of this theological system. Interesting to note: I snuck in the word SIN into the cracks and was caught! Had a great relationship with the Art Director and went on to do many many more covers and inside art for Tabletalk.

Dying Flower

Dying Flower detail

Tabletalk cover


e said...

Cool!! I'm sorry "sin" didn't make it through!

Rick said...

Nice. The leaf on the lower right looks like a dead bird...intentional?

Jay said...

Rick. Not intentional at all. Wow! yet another hidden object cool!