Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My process

Here is a demo I did for my Electronic Illustration class. The link to the web page not only describes my process of painting and modifying the same Photoshop image for 3 different looks of the same image. The web page itself was an actual assignment as well. The style was something really different for me and I had lots of fun illustrating it. Let me know what you think.

The Devil Painting Process

The students created 3 different tarot cards of their choice in a style of their choice using Photoshop and Painter and then they created a web page based on those cards talking about their process. They all worked very hard on these and a great job overall. Here are some links to the students web pages.

Mary Wall
Matt Kelly
Sarah Pettis
Drew Botts
Fiona Handshin
Min Choi
Tanya Rodes-Colee
Alan Hawley
Jacob Smith
Ryan Stover
Briana Westmoreland

...more student links to come soon.

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