Monday, January 07, 2008

$20 Epson PowerlookII SCSI/Parallel Port Scanner

I bought a all in one printer and don't need this perfectly working scanner.

Umax PowerLook II Flatbed Scanner with 8"x 10" transparency adapter.

1200 x 600 dpi max resolution. Works with PC and Macs but must have a SCSI port. Most newer computers do not have a SCSI port. I have some SCSI adapters that I will give you as well.

See the specs here.

Comes with original box , manual and SCSI and power cables ready to use.

Email or call 770-309-6004 if you are interested.

Also see free fax offer here!


Anonymous said...

Was searching for info on PowerLook ll and found your ad selling one.

Will the SCSI adapter you have allow me to use PowerLook ll with a USB computer? If so, how much for the SCSI adapter and how much for the 8"x10" transparency adapter, if you'll separate? I already have the PowerLook ll.

If you won't sell the SCSI adapter, can you tell me what it is so I can try to find one.


Jay said...

The scanner is already sold. This scanner, to my knowledge, can be connected to a SCSI to USB adapter, but they are $50-90, if you can find one. You might as well buy a new cheap USB scanner for a about the same price.

My old Powermac G4 has a SCSI port on the back and it work well for me. SCSI is old, expensive, bulky, and slow. I would upgrade to a newer scanner before messing with SCSI anything.