Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fax machine give-away!

I'm giving away my used fax machine to an art student or recent graduate. You can come and pick it up or I can mail it for a small shipping and handling fee. It comes with the original box, a quick start guide, 1-1/2 rolls of thermal paper and is in excellent working condition. I have upgraded to a All-In-One Printer and no longer need this fax machine.


Automatic Paper Cutter
10 Page automatic paper feeder
FAX/TEL and TAD interface
15 station memory dialing
16 shade gray scale for photograph transmission
98' paper roll capacity (also uses standard fax paper)
Delayed transmission
Activity Report
Distinctive ringing compatability
Help key

Contact me at or call my cell at 770-309-6004 if you are interested.


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