Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wall of Outstanding Alumni Award

I got this email earlier this summer about receiving an award from my undergraduate college, LaGrange College. I was to be included on the wall of outstanding alumni. I had never heard of the wall and I did not think it was that big of a deal. When the college then sent me a packet of stuff to fill out and addresses to send out invitations to friends and family, they needed a specific kind of black and white photo, and shared the details of the ceremony I realized it was a big deal. This past Saturday my family and got it together and drove down to LaGrange to receive the award during the homecoming celebration. My Mom and Dad drove 8 hours round-trip just for a 4 hour visit in Lagrange, I'm truly loved! Here are some highlights in pictures.

Receiving Award
President Stuart Gulley presenting to me the award of outstanding Alumni. Five others got the same award. President Gulley said I was one the the youngest recipients ever.

Wall of OUtstanding AlumniThis is the framed print I received.

Oratory text
On the back they put the oratory that they read during the ceremony. I'm truly honored!!

Wall plaque close up
I took the photo myself and got Cindi to help pick the right one out of about 40. I then printed it in my studio I mailed it off.

Me and my Mom
I owe a huge debt of gratitude and moolah to my Mom and Dad. My Mom went back to work to help pay for most if not all of my college experience and my Dad managed the money. This award would not be possible without them and a whole bunch of prayers. Thank you soo much Mom and Dad!!

Memo Jack and Suzanne
My grandmother drove for about 3 hours by herself down to LaGrange just for the ceremony. This wall plaque is in Smith Hall, the oldest building on campus.

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Laura H. said...

Yes, a very big deal. Congratulations again. It is very well deserved.