Friday, January 26, 2007

Illustration Friday - RED entry for "Red". Approximately 12" x 16" on illustration board. Oils and color copy painted on top of with oils. Done back in 1993 at Portfolio Center for a class taught by Illustrator extraordinaire, Bill Mayer. It was for a magazine cover article on Florida's excitement about getting casino's in there state. Click images to see larger one on my flickr account.

Casino Fever

The cards were designed in Illustrator then printed out and sprayed with workable fixative and then painted on with thin layers of oil. It seems to still be holding up after 13 years.

Casino Fever detail

The illustration was not originally for Poets, Artists and Madmen but they liked it enough to put it on the Nov. 1995 cover. The color here is a good indication of the poor newspaper print quality.

Casino Fever Cover


Pati @-;-- said...

Very cool!

studio lolo said...

She definately does NOT have a poker face! Great illo!