Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Easy way write your congressmen about the Arts

Congress is now finalizing a bill that would have a major impact on the arts. Next week, House and Senate negotiators will start working out a final version of tax legislation that is theoretically designed to promote charitable giving, including giving to the arts. While the bill is large and complicated, the Senate version includes two provisions of particular importance: one that is very positive, and one that could have a negative effect on the arts and indeed on charities in general. Therefore, it is important for arts advocates to take action now to ensure that Congress includes the first provision and drops the second one.

Please fill out this quick form that first determines who you representatives are by your zip code and has a pre written letter that you can modify. After you fill in you address info it automatically sends them to your Reps. I've been sending letters/emails/faxes to my reps for a few years. I know it works because I get replies and actual letters back from them about the issues. Make you voice heard between the elections about the issues you care about!

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