Monday, January 09, 2006

Yet Another Blog

Hello and thanks for visiting. Isn't it strange how there are some people that are so private they have trouble expressing their thoughts to thier most intimate compainion. Then there are others that want the whole world to know their every thought. Either of these are of course extremes. Most of us are in the middle and so am I. I'll use this blog for experimental thinking, links of interest, photos, art, articles, and posts of my work for Illustration Friday. Every post is meant to be free thinking and fun (or at least fun to me). I'll try to post only things that would be interesting to others. Please feel free to email me or post comments as much as you would like. Otherwise, what's the point of this www blog if know one sees it and makes comments. I might as well just write it in a locked dairy.


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Red Rocket said...

People will see it and with such quality work as yours, they will return for more. Nice job.